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5 Features to Look When Buying a Cash Counting Machine

Features to Look When Buying a Cash Counting Machines
Here we discuss 5 features to look when buying a cash counting machine. Contact The JF Technology today, we can help to find the right one!


For cash-based businesses, cash counting machines can be a smart business advantage and investment. You might think that counting money manually is traditional, but it can also be a tedious and time-consuming task. There is no doubt that you can perform other tasks, some of which are more useful than calculating accounts.

A bill counter can automate this process so you can quickly summarize the day’s cash receipts and move on to other tasks on your to-do list.

However, if you are thinking about investing in banknote counters, you may be wondering where to start. These five features should be at the top of your consideration list. With this in mind, you can find the device that best suits your business needs.

1. Think about counting speed

It might seem obvious to consider the engine’s counting speed. Lastly, one of the reasons to invest in banknote counters is to speed up the counting process and reduce the time spent handling cash.

When considering calculating speed, other factors also come into play, such as: B. hopper size of the machine. If you have to constantly load piles of banknotes because the magazines are too small, machine speed may no longer be an advantage. High calculation speed must be combined with high accuracy. Take it home? Don’t look for a device just because it has the highest computing speed.

2. Pay attention to the size and type of the funnel

As mentioned, the size of the hopper plays a role in the speed of the banknote counter. The appropriate size of the funnel makes the use of the device more efficient. The less you have to stop to load more bills, the faster the calculation process will be. Speed ​​doesn’t help when the funnel size is so small that you have to sit there filing bills all the time.

The hopper may be in a different location depending on the machine’s feeding mechanism, which may affect size. Some bins handle notes that are less organized than others, which means you don’t have to spend as much time sorting out piles of notes before sending them. These two factors can speed up the calculation process.

3. Search stack or add function

Some cash registers have a wrap feature, which is useful when you need to manually deposit cash for a deposit. The machine can automatically count to a set number and then stop to allow you to clear the batch before continuing.

Other models can even collect several stacks of banknotes, which are placed in the hopper, performing a continuous count and showing the total amount at the end.

4. Error and counterfeit detection is a useful feature

Using a banknote counter doesn’t help if the machine counts poorly. Currency counters with built-in error detection can reduce the chance of misreading due to currency being folded or torn, sending multiple bills at once, or bills of the wrong size.

Companies exposed to higher-than-usual levels of fraudulent fraud should also consider the basic function of counterfeiting. These features can help you find fake notes and delete them faster. They can also be a great addition to a loss prevention program.

5. Consider whether mixed accounts can be processed

In addition to the basic counting functions, some money counters can accurately count mixed piles of money. This saves time sorting invoices manually. It also prevents miscalculations when incorrectly denominated bills fall into the pile.

Some machines can even sort piles of mixed banknotes into separate single-stack piles. This device reads bills as they are sorted or simply prepares them for calculation by other machines.

Cash counting machines can greatly assist many businesses by speeding up the counting process while reducing miscalculations and improving cash handling. Consider your business needs and the features available. If you’re still unsure, talk to The JF Technology today. Their tips will help you find the right machine for your needs. Contact us at 91-9339434886 / 91-7980303385

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