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6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Money Counting Machine

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Here we discuss 6 factors when buying a money counting machine. Contact The JF Technology for the best money counting machine in Kolkata


If you’re in the market for a cash counting machine and seem overwhelmed with options or terminology, don’t worry. Buying a money counter is not a difficult task once you determine what is most important to you. Much depends on whether you intend to use the billing desk for personal or business reasons, how many bills you process each day, and what industry you’re in.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of 6 important factors to consider when buying a money-counting machine. Use this as a guide to figuring out what’s most important and right for you at the billing counter.

Tall and Heavy

Depending on where you plan to place your money counting machine, you will need to consider its size and weight. For example, if you’re in a cramped office and don’t have much space, it’s best to get a compact bill exchange. If you find yourself constantly moving your bill counter to a different place, it may be best to opt for a lightweight calculator.

Calculate speed

More money, more trouble? How about more money, more power? Or for that matter more speed. If you need to count large amounts of banknotes in a company in a short period of time, be sure to choose a banknote counter with a high counting speed. Usually, most bill counters come with interchangeable speeds, allowing you to count bills at different speeds, but be sure to keep an eye on the maximum speed.

Our money counting machine has the highest speed of all our banknote counters with 1900 banknotes per minute. But in the end, it comes down to volume, which will determine your need for tempo.

Container capacity

Where count rate is good for calculating the rate, funnel capacity is good for measuring volume. The average JF Technology bill counter can hold up to 300 bills in its hopper, but some of our high-performance multipurpose bill counters such as the AB7100 and AB7500 can hold up to 500 notes.

Another aspect to keep in mind regarding the hopper is whether it is a front or rear hopper. Front loading hoppers generally have a larger capacity and better performance than rear loading hoppers.


If you are a business owner who deals with many international (and currency) customers, it is important to have a currency counter that can accurately calculate and/or set different types of currencies.

Some mixed fraction counters can automatically recognize certain types of currency. But even if your currency counter can’t automatically detect the country of origin of the bill, some bill counters have a readout feature that allows you to set values ​​so you can classify between different currencies.

Get to know the value of mixed accounts

Finding mixed values ​​is perhaps one of the most important considerations when considering purchasing a cash register. The standard bill counter requires you to first sort your bills and classify them into 1, 5, 10, 20, etc. However, the mixed banknote counter automatically recognizes the banknote denominations, differentiates them and adds them according to the total.

Time is money. So, if you have an overcharge and it’s only a few minutes, it serves as an efficient upgrade to get a billing counter with mixed bill value detection.

Fake Detection

Just like mixed denomination detection, counterfeit detection is an optional extra that is important to consider when purchasing a currency counter. With an estimated one million counterfeit banknotes in circulation, it is wise to not only count your money but also check it.

Say you work in a bar known for counterfeit notes, you might look for a billing counter that can detect counterfeit notes and alert you of suspicious notes. Your workflow will be much more efficient if you can check and total your accounts at the same time.

Some of our bill counters, such as the AB1050, AB1100PLUS and AB4200, are equipped with UV (Ultraviolet) and MG (Magnetic) counterfeit detection options, while the AB5200 and AB5800 are equipped with built-in detection capabilities. Our AB7100 and AB7500 mixed bill counters are available with UV, MG and IR (Infrared) detection capabilities. If you don’t like the combination device, you can always buy a fake detector separately and pair it with a bill counter.

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