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How to Choose the Right Commercial CCTV Installer?

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CCTV systems can monitor and monitor all types of commercial buildings and provide a variety of functions including security surveillance, health and safety monitoring, and equipment inspections. Choosing the right CCTV installer for your new commercial CCTV system is an important decision. So our team created a blog to give you some expert advice on choosing the right commercial CCTV installer to ensure the system is installed professionally.

Why should you hire a CCTV installer?

Don’t get me wrong in the age of DIY YouTube videos, you can try to install your own CCTV system, but commercial CCTV systems are more complicated than home CCTV and you want to know that the CCTV system you don’t have is letting you down when you have to.

By hiring a professional CCTV installer, clients feel that this has been done to a high standard and that their CCTV system is 100% secure. If a CCTV system is installed by someone who has no experience in installing CCTV systems, not only is it more likely to experience problems in the future, but it can also make it vulnerable to attacks by hackers and thieves. Apart from that, CCTV can also answer any questions you may have about your CCTV such as: B. Where can you install commercial CCTV cameras in your company.

Video surveillance system certification and accreditation

When working with CCTV installers, it is important to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy, especially when it comes to the security of your business. Certificates and accreditation can help demonstrate the professionalism, reliability and quality of a company’s work.

This means we are experts at working with Hikvision products and receive support from Hikvision with product training, technical information, and project support.

Site Survey and Design Specifications

Before something is installed on site, the CCTV Company must make a site visit to inspect the site so they can best advice on which CCTV system and CCTV camera is best suited for the location, whether it be a bullet camera, dome camera or PTZ camera or combination of cameras.

Many factors are considered when a video surveillance company plans your location for a video surveillance installation, including the purpose of the video surveillance, the installation and positioning of the video surveillance cameras. Once the survey is complete, the CCTV company will consider all the factors from the survey and start preparing a quote on how much the CCTV system will cost and the installation process.


The cost of installing and installing a video surveillance system depends on a number of factors including the type of equipment to be installed, the number of cameras required, the size and complexity of the installation. Some CCTV companies may charge more if they have more experience or have a long standing in a particular industry.

Insurance and Guarantee

It is very important to ensure that the CCTV Company you work with has valid guarantees and insurance.

It is important that all installed products come with a warranty that protects your investment in the event something goes wrong with the equipment within the warranty period. Warranties usually come from the manufacturer of the original product and then backed by the CCTV company that installed it.

We offer a three year warranty on all commercial CCTV systems we supply and install to give our customers complete peace of mind and confidence in the products we use.

After Sales Support

Make sure the CCTV company you choose offers after-sales support if you need help with any part of the system or if you run into problems after installation. We pride ourselves in providing post-installation support to all of our customers if they encounter a problem or if they need advice on any part of their CCTV system.

Tips for installing CCTV cameras

If you are looking for a professional CCTV provider in Kolkata to supply and install commercial CCTV systems, contact The JF Technology on 9339434886 or email us at jftechnologyservice2017@gmail.com where we will be happy to answer all your questions and arrange site visits.

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